Evoland (ncannasse)

Evoland is an action-adventure game where you start back on a very old monochromatic low-resolution computer, and then both the display technology and the gameplay rules evolve, (maybe) as they did in gaming history.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. This is really great (apart from the text going a bit too fast, the “diablo mode” bit, and that I’m pretty sure you can’t collect everything if you don’t happen to use the keys in a predetermined order — my guess is that each locked area except the last one has one key behind its locked door?). In any case, I was totally charmed.

    • The game is short enough that it shouldn’t really bother many players if they have to go through it a second time to change the order they use the keys in.

      • That’s fair. I think I’m just on a bit of a respect-the-player’s-time kick, but maybe there’s not quite the same need to respect the completionist player’s time. 🙂

  2. Played this yesterday and I really liked it, something new and interesting. and Link!

  3. Where can we find this game today ? 😕
    (DropBox error 509) :'(

  4. and this, kids, is why games are way better now that we have cluttered them with unnecessary additions that we are too afraid to remove or alter!

    not a bad game though, it’s just that the message i got from it was a bit depressing. maybe i just didn’t get the irony? as in, if you can fit the whole evolution of adventure games in a five-minute game, maybe there’s not been much evolution after all? and you even rescue a princess at the end, gosh.

  5. Text’s definitely too fast, but otherwise it’s really fun!

    Many of the Jam’s games summarise human evolution in five minutes, and that don’t mean humans haven’t evolved that much. On the contrary, this game seems to be saying everything has evolved a great deal and really fast.

  6. CAn someone give me a hint to unlock last door and get the last two chests ?

  7. DUUUUUUde, this game concept is brilliant… completely wipe out any learning curve issues and just…wow, how I would love a huge monster game that would let me relive great games of the past they could even split it up into multiple games for profit’s sake holy shit I need that game

  8. imagine how connected to the characters in the game you’d be after such growth kinda reminds me of spore
    but I think along this game’s lines it has more potential

  9. Can anybody help me?
    When I open the game it says:
    How can I fix this error?