ZOMI (C.C. Norris)

The land is cursed and you must break the evil witches spell.[Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. This is satisfyingly tricky, and much more interesting than it at first appears, the result of your attack — the only way of breaking certain tiles and of clearing enemies out of your path — only coming from above, aligned with your current position (plus a pixel or two in your facing direction if moving against a wall tile?), and of you yourself being vulnerable to its effects. Neat.

  2. One of the most satisfying death screens I’ve seen in a while

  3. Not much to add except man that’s a very striking colour palette.

  4. I assume curse == glitched tiles?

  5. I’ll second that the color palette is really effective; that and the crazy Aztec/Asian patterns in the screenshot caught my attention immediately.

    The thing I love about this game is how intense it gets when you’re desperately trying to dodge the lava men. Their slow movement, combined with the close quarters you usually meet them in, creates a sense of impending doom you usually don’t find in platformers. When you’re trapped, it’s especially harrowing because you can’t attack without getting drilled by your own magic flying block. You can certainly try to outrun the lava people, but it’s better to take things cautiously until you can scout out an opening and use a bit of strategy.

    I really like this game.