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willy.swf (Siri H)

I told you I was making something terrible. Here it is […] Definitely NSFW. I’m sorry![Author’s Tweet]

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Music Bounce (Let’s Make a Game)

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A Nation of Wind (Jameson Wilkins)

A Nation of Wind merges the Real-Time-Strategy and Arena Shooter genres into a unique experience. Explore the randomly generated floating islands while establishing and defending colonies that provide the player with resources. Build Temples to the gods around mysterious obelisks to cast powerful, world changing miracles, and fight massive bosses as you work to re-unite the shattered remains of your once great nation. Completing areas rewards the player with experience that can be used to upgrade nearly 50 different airship and unit skills! [Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]


Justins Mind (Wrinkled Art)

Justins Mind is a short art game/interactive narrative about a little naked white man called Justin. – [Author’s Description]

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Retriever (Hyptosis)

Your job is to make sure your clients are happy, and they’re only happy if they get what they want. At any cost. – [Author’s Description]

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Famikumo (caiys)

• Randomisation, everywhere…
• The core game revolves around simply surviving. The longer you survive the faster you travel and the harder the enemies. You gain points based on your position on the screen, keeping to the right will earn you more points but you’ll need quicker reflexes to avoid the oncoming obstacles.
• Your ship can be upgraded in many ways, such as speed, shield and lots of weapon varieties…
• Co-op.
• Deathmatch. [Author’s description]

[Windows Download]

Super Hans Noob Tube Defender Of Earth (KSLR)

mode 1: arrow keys and z-x
Mode 2: just the arrow keys [Author’s description]

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Midnight Snack (EffBee)

– Move left and right with the arrow keys.
– Hit diamonds to establish checkpoints.
– Bounce off of platforms to gain points – but watch out, for the platform vanishes as soon as you land on it! And some platforms bounce you differently…
– You can only go through the padlock blocks by paying ten points each.
– Press Shift over the chrome pads to reset your points to zero and restore all platforms and padlock blocks. [Author’s description]

[Windows Download]


Inflate (NeiloGD)

Anyways, you basically inflate the circles with your own colour, and when they explode, they will fill the surrounding ones. Aim is to fill the board with all your own colour.

Corners take 2 turns to fill, edges 3, and any other 4. They will spill vertically and horizontally into neighbouring circles. [Author’s statement]

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Ducks (Nick Scalzi)

Be some ducks. Find food for your ducklings.

(Mouse to steer, click to move forward) [Author’s description]

[Windows Download]