Justins Mind (Wrinkled Art)

Justins Mind is a short art game/interactive narrative about a little naked white man called Justin. – [Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. I loved this one almost as much as I hated it. The art style is awesome and really all this game actually has.

    The instructions “everything done with the mouse” aren’t enough most of the time. I would add “in order to walk right, click an arbitrary amount of pixels to the right of Justin”.

    What I feel is many people just want the freedom to do random point and click games, and don’t care about the story. So they just pick the typical “venture into the mind of a mad man” plot and expand on it.

    I don’t mind that if they’re cute like this one, but it’s really not that necessary. Thigns like Osada are just as random and don’t need to explain why they are.

  2. Justins Mind es una de esa joyitas que podes amarla u odiarla. No hay termino medio. Despues de jugar a este relato-juego interactivo, soñas placidamente o te quedas con insomnio; tal vez peor… tenes terribles pesadillas.
    Con un arte impecable y una mecanica sencilla, Justins Mind te invita a dar un recorrido por la vida de Justin, un hombre blanco que llega al mundo desnudo y de una manera insolita
    Un juego atrapante

    • I don’t know ’bout that. I mean, I played it and I don’t hate it nor I love it. It’s really good looking, there’s no denying that, but part of me can’t ignore there are just too much games just as unoriginal as this.

  3. It’s a friend of mine who have made this. Its funny to find it lying around on the net, I wasn’t expecting to find it here. By the way its Wrinkled Art, not Arts.