A Tale of Colours (Giovanni Beninato)

A Tale of Colours is a nonlinear platform game with heavy emphasis on exploration. – [Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. that was fun, until the game decided to throw in a life bar and enemies 🙄

  2. Agreed that the worst part is the one where you have to fight the gnomes.

    I’m close to finish it (got all Newgrounds medals except for the Weapon of Dreams treasure, body elevation and the two 100 points medals) and I’m really lost as to where the fuck this last body elevation power up is.

    The game is clearly good, even with all its Stencylness taken into account. Very reminiscent of Knytt, in a really good way.

    • Oh no, my bad. I had actually gotten the elevation power-up in a previous play session and the game totally forgot to give me the medal. The same with the treasures, the one I was missing I already had found.

      Maybe there was an update that messed up save games, nothing serious. Anyway, just finished it (had to complete again a coin race to be allowed to open some gate, I eventually figured out), and it was a nice little game.

      Though the initial impression is that the story will have a relevance that in the end doesn’t have. Like, at all.

  3. Fun but generic

  4. Rather fun, despite the heavy bugs (like the one where you glide upwards).