These Are Your Friends (Dayton McKay)

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  1. How do you even play? I had no idea what I was doing and survived for 30 seconds. Then I thought I knew what I was doing, tried some stuff and survived for 14 seconds.

  2. It seems that the best way to protect your friends is to grab the incoming ship before it can drop off its passengers, then hold it as long as you like for an arbitrarily high score.

    Probably there’s a moral in here.

  3. I enjoyed the artwork/feel/art direction. The bendy elbow bit was great too.

    The mechanic reminded me a lot of that game where you killed little dudes by picking them up and flinging them around, except, not as well developed.

    It was broken a little bit, if you maroon that first ship on the island itself, nothing actually happens. Ever.

  4. apart from the game-breaking sneak attack i like this game a lot. i like that you can survive by carefully juggling your friends as well as by killing the baddies. cool.