Soul Brother (Jasper Byrne)

Meditation on suffering – [In game text]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. I love how Adult Swim is getting attention for some great indie developers. I liked this game, but wish there was a save feature. Exploratory platformers are always great, though.

  2. Nemo’s just one of the many characters, so technically this ISN’T a Free Cat Game.

    • It features a cat as a prominent character! I think it qualifies.

      • You’re right. Such a shame that FCG rules won’t let you post ChatChat.

          • Oh, Cat Got Lost is nice! (I hadn’t seen it before.) I like how it switches colors and orientation after restarting a screen, so it’s all handcrafted puzzles (not procedurally generated, not randomized), but you’re nonetheless a bit disoriented upon restart.

            Surely Free Cat Games doesn’t have the same rules against self-publishing as the original site it has now replaced.

        • I quizzed terry at the supermarket, he knew nemo’s name, likes, and blood type. I think it’s fair to say if he can remember those facts that the character is prominent enough to him at least to count as a cat game.

  3. I’ve spent more time listening to the Soul Brother OST that came with my purchase of Lone Survivor than I spent actually playing Lone Survivor.