Polymorphous Perversity (Nicoisas)

Polymorphous Perversity is a sex-themed RPG. You are a young male with an unknown sexual disorder captured by a mysterious agency and thrown into a bizarre parallel reality where everything gravitates towards sex.

You’re set on a sexual quest to explore unknown lands, meet strange people, and learn more about your sexuality.[Author’s Description]

(This in an RPGMaker 2000 game, and may require installation of the RPG Maker RTP.)


[Download for Windows] 


  1. I just learned Assfuck

  2. a juvenile rpg maker game I have to download and also download an interpreter for???? SIGN ME UP


  3. It is finally out!!! *o*

  4. everything i learned about sex reading 4chan: the rpg

    a sexual paradise where all men are sexually actors and all women are totally recipient, unless they have cocks

    starring signposts with random quotes from freud, as though he had something to do with contemporary sexuality?

    • The Tranny thing is really offensive. I sent the author a very direct email. I guess we’ll see what kind of person he is!

    • Yeah. I really dig the transparency and occasional charm PP uses when exploring various kinks, but its treatment of a few subjects and women in particular… everything’s presented through the lens of male, usually dominant, fantasy. Like how you have to top to “win” at sex.

      Starting the player as a male character in a game about sex *has* to be an intentional statement, but sadly I think here it was simply that the author chose to explore sex primarily from a cis male perspective. A few submissive cutscenes and biting comments on rape fantasy porn don’t seem to cover it, not when there’s constant pressure on you to literally dominate anything with a hole or explode and the world’s shaped around your identity and that necessity.

      Freud may not have much to do with contemporary sexuality, but the game world’s based on his theories. I guess that could help explain why the game world’s often at odds with contemporary sexuality itself.

      • I was hoping that the game began as a straight male to better provide a palette for bold experimentation and discovery, for cultural contrast, but…

      • i guess what i’m saying about freud is that his concept of “polymorphous perversity” describes how children experience sexuality before learning sexual cultural cues, and this game’s values seem informed entirely by porn. this seems pretty contradictory.

  5. There’s a lot of cool, vivacious stuff in this game, but parts of it are extremely ignorant, and I can’t condone that.

  6. I am so conflicted about this game. I love the experience it provides of confronting, reflecting on and dancing around taboos, and it’s got plenty of great touches and smart surprises – many in the awesomely judged soundtrack. On the other hand it often feels like it errs towards uncritically reflecting porn culture rather than sexuality, with some awkward results.

    Welp. All told, to me it’s easily a must play. Despite a few issues it’s still one of those rare, few games: the ones worth talking about.

  7. If you aren’t into all the sex stuff (like me), the only real hook is the combat system since the story is pretty trite.

    The system seems pretty cool at first (and it is), but it quickly falls apart during the first boss fight. It becomes a ‘waiting game’ (why anyone would boost Speed ever is beyond me). So right now, it’s digital valium.

    • Yeah, mechanically it seems to be pretty dull (at least up to the point of the game I’ve reached). The main issue for me there is hidden parameters – on harder battles, your fuck abilities start becoming less effective, and the game doesn’t explain why. It’s like there’s this extra diminishing stat that you can’t see, complicating things. (On the plus side, it’s no doubt a fairly accurate way to represent the endurance challenge of an elevensome.)

      One thing I did think was pretty clever was the STD thing – they’re status effects that you can be inflicted with, which never ever go away.

    • I liked the first boss fight because to me that’s the first time it actually did anything with “sex as battle” as an aesthetic… even if it was kind of broken and boring, mechanically.

      It was difficult for me to understand, though, why “winning at sex” involved exhausting the other person… if someone gives me 20 handjobs and a pounding, shouldn’t that be “winning” too? I think there was a lot of potential in this to make “losing artfully” a compelling strategy in battles so that you could have amazing sex that way too. But, uh, yeah. What a shame.

  8. First time running the exe, AVG detected it as “Unknown Malware”. Didn’t find a way to contact the author so here you go:

    AVG version: 2012.0.2180

    Polymorphous Perversity.exe md5sum:

  9. plz make another game like these, im badly needing these games… a lit bit of psychedelic, synthambience, sex, weird shits and violence and more
    places and levels and more sex tricks and more, please more.

  10. LOL what an interesting game that was! Wow haha :p! My guy exploded though, which was hilarious but i dont know how to stop him from doing so.