Lusty Labyrinths (Bahamut Dragons, Caesarcub)

Different opponents will have different preferences, so keep alert and always remember the cycle: Cock defeats Mouth, Ass defeats Cock and Mouth defeats Ass. – [Author’s description]

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  1. why is sex conquest

    • actually the fights are between consenting opponents who greatly enjoy their time together, think of it more like wrestling

      • yeah one of the things i like about this game (as opposed to something like polymorphous perversity) is that sometimes victory involves taking a submissive role. combat isn’t about people in active roles attacking people in passive roles.

        there’s still nothing erotic about sex as a turn-based numerical system, but this is a little less gross to me than polymorphous perversity.

        also, porples, your colors are ALLLLLLLMOST identical to the colors i picked.

        • we both went for the most calculatedly garish options possible

        • What I find more than a bit interesting about these turn-based sex games (this and a few others, haven’t tried Poly Perv) is that the ‘fights’ involve making your opponent orgasm while trying to prevent yourself from doing the same. The concept of “damage” has been somewhat absurdly mapped to pleasurable stimulation, “attacking” to providing pleasure, and “health” to resisting it.

    • this was a really simplistic reading, sorry

  2. I am outraged about this depiction of sex as a competitive turn-based game between gummi-colored furries

  3. Is there any kind of strategy to the combat at all? It just feels totally random to me.

  4. It’s really cute when both characters use their ass on each other

  5. Don’t walk away from this game, or you get a pointless (in a turn based game) “paused” message which covers part of your view and never goes away.

  6. I guess I’m going to play this…wish me luck….