Hanano Puzzle (Tatsunami)

This is a puzzle game for Windows.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. There’s two A’s in the title.

  2. Stuck on level 2, I feel like I must be missing something really obvious.

    • The thing you’re likely missing is that placing an unbloomed box adjacent to any flower will cause the block to bloom, becoming a block with a flower on top.

    • (Messed up the close-tag there, I guess.)

      I’ve played through the first 8 levels so far, and the 2nd and 3rd were by far the most difficult (probably just because of the difficulty of wrapping one’s head around the full implications of the rule-set?)

      In any case, this is really good and players should make sure to quit and restart at some point so you can see the cute level select screen.

  3. very good puzzle game

    i am playing this game for 3-4 months from time to time. i am now at level 49, very close to end and i can say this game is really one of the best puzzle games ever created. to be honest i find it surprising that it is free. levels are really well thought and lastly i should warn that it is a very hard puzzle, much harder than most of puzzle games, it is easy to give up

  4. I have been brutally stuck on level 11 for a couple weeks now. Still, I’m happy to call this one of the best puzzle games I’ve played. Can’t recommend it enough.

    • Correction: Level 10. I’m even worse than i thought I was.

    • 10 is the last one I’ve completed so far. Would you like a small hint? (It’s my favorite up until this point, as it has the cleverest, clearest lynch-pin solution of the bunch.)

      • I really would appreciate one. I’ve made at least 40 attempts and I’m just not seeing how to get the blue stones to lift up the necessary platform and still get the red stone on the left to blossom.

        • Okay, here’s a hint: the only way this one will work out is if you can move both blue blocks to the right simultaneously. You can’t do this with the mouse directly, so you’ll have to use another form of locomotion.

          (And if you had figured that out but were just having trouble with implementation, don’t forget that the wide block won’t fall unless there’s nothing supporting either of its two tiles. Using that knowledge makes for a handy way to cross gaps.)

          • THANK YOU. As soon as I read that (I was on my phone and away from the game), I visualized how to do it properly and then succeeded on my next try. I’ve got to remember how important it is that blocks can push each other.

            I almost had a heart attack when I saw level 11. Game’s so good.

  5. I like this a lot! Highly recommending it.

    Just to confirm, level eight is impossible, right?

  6. DAMN YOU, STEPHEN. Every time I try to forget about Hanano Puzzle something drags me back.


    I have been stuck here for quite some time. Help would not go amiss.