Flash DROD (Caravel Games)

the best puzzle game of all time – [Ed Pegg, mathpuzzle.com]

Flash DROD is a reimplementation of the King Dugan’s Dungeon Hold in Flash, available to play online for free. It’s split into several chapters, the first three of which are already online, and the rest of which appear to be coming later.

I can’t recommend the DROD series highly enough. These are some of the cleverest games I’ve ever encountered, and have hugely influenced how I think about game design. – Terry

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. Totally agreed – DROD has phenomenally good level design and good story πŸ™‚

  2. This is such good news, and I hope it brings the series a wider audience. It looks like this is a pretty full-featured port, including the ability to remap the keyboard.

    Note: if you’re on a laptop whose keyboard lacks a proper numpad, and if you have an external keyboard around, I’d recommend going ahead and plugging that in since the movement controls will feel significantly more intuitive. (I’m sort of surprised they didn’t implement on-screen clickable mouse-controls for casual accessibility’s sake.)

    This really is one of the best games ever. Strongly worthy of anyone’s attention.

    • You also use arrow keys to move around, at least at first. I’ve not gotten to a place that absolutely requires diagonal movement yet, but then again I’ve not gotten very far either.

      • Diagonal movement is a must in DROD, even early on πŸ™‚ I use the laptop configuration (789-UIO-JKL), which I actually find to be really comfortable when you get used to it. I wish roguelikes would use it.

        • I am so glad you posted this.

          I was tearing my hair out on Third Level because I couldn’t see how some of the rooms were possible. Turns out they were impossible if you don’t move diagonally. πŸ™‚

  3. SECRET ROOM rage!
    I’ve looked at several let’s play videos but none of them go into/find a secret room.

    Maybe these secret rooms are new to this version?
    At the bottom right of Sence North, Once West, I cracked down a wall and entered a secret room. Has anyone cleared this puzzle?

    • (this is in the first level)

    • You have to turn the sword north-west before entering this room.
      Other than that, the levels in the flash version are somewhat different from the level in the main game. For example, rooms 6N and 6N3W are not in the original. Rooms 4N and 5N also weren’t in original. Rooms 2N and 3N weren’t as detailed. All the rooms I’ve mentioned are on the first level.

  4. I’ve been having lots o’ fun with this one. I’m impressed by the level of detail and polish this one has.

  5. This game looks like how a game should look.