OFF (Unproductive Fun Time)

I present you the creepy-weird, RPGmaker 2003-created game “OFF”! Originally in French with only few English resources, a part of the Reconstructed Game Team (including myself) have spent their summer break translating this gem to English to make it available to a wider public.

“OFF” has been praised and known as an insider’s tip between French gamers for its strong story, great characters and incredible atmosphere. […] I strongly agree to these opinions.[Translator’s description]

NOTE: Before playing, locate the font files inside the “OFF” folder and install them to your system; otherwise the game’s text might be difficult to read.

(This in an RPGMaker 2000 game, and may require installation of the RPG Maker RTP.)

[Download for Windows]


  1. Is there some sort of walk through some where? I’m stuck in the library. I can find the infinite loops/wrap arounds, but not an exit past the 4th floor.

    Can I at least talk to cats through walls or something of that nature?


    • I think you mean the shopping mall, and I also think that it’s a giant red herring: without totally spoiling it, the thing you need to progress is very nearly right in front of you when you enter. Read some of the advertisements hanging up on the walls for another clue.

      (The mall isn’t totally pointless, however. There are, of course, several chests strewn about, and the spectres make good grinding.)

      • I’ll spoil it a bit. You can summon a pedalo from within the mall, which is used for neither the library nor the mall.

        • Ah, very good tips indeed. Because I got stuck, I decided to go into other parts [even summoning the Pedalo to get there] I even did the roller coaster bit and didn’t realize “Damn, I should go back to the mall and figure that part out.”

  2. Just how creepy is it? I want to play it, but I like sleeping. Is it scarier than Yume Nikki, because that was no problem.

  3. It looks special… and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing… 😈

  4. Another RM game 😀 Love those!

  5. Best RPG Maker game EVER!
    I’m glad it has been translated in english, everybody deserve to play it!

  6. Damn. I have no idea what to do with this Aries card. 😛

  7. SomeMountainMan

    So arent there three locked doors in the cleared residential area? Why can I only find the codes for 2? Where is the third code???

  8. I encountered a bug that won’t allow me to flee from any battle. Because of this, I’m stuck on the third boss. Can anyone help?

    • I remember Flee being greyed out at the Attack/Auto screen, but not being greyed out as a personal option for The Batter.

      If this isn’t true, then you’re pretty screwed and that sucks. 😥

      • Fuck, I think I have the same bug…can’t fix this? I have to begin the game again? ;__;u

        • I think I also have the same bug?

          I couldn’t figure out why flee was almost nearly always grayed out – it worked only very rarely since the beginning of the game, just figured I was doing it wrong or something.

          Get to the boss and I can’t flee at all – at the start, with batter’s bar full, with all party member’s bars full, seems flee is just always grayed out?

          • Derp, Flee IS actually always grayed out.

            There’s another Flee on the batter’s own personal menu, which actually scrolls to display two more options – Flee and Rang (?) S’pose this might be obvious if I’d played RPGmaker games, but here it’s just really bad design.

          • Wow, thaaanks! Now I manage to flee. Don’t really need this yet, but playing knowing you’re going to get stuck isn’t nice u3u

  9. Currently stuck on the postal service bit.
    I wouldn’t say it’s creepy; the music friggen rules though!
    I’m liking it so far.

  10. angrygeometry

    i really really love this

  11. This game affected me. I keep thinking about it. It reappears as a shallow rock under the high tide of my consciousness but over the low.

  12. Absolutely incredible. I didn’t expect to fall in love with this game the way I did. It’s intensely unique and familiar at the same time, bringing back classic battle mechanics paired with dream like visuals and music. I would very much recommend this to anyone with an appreciation for classic turn based battle mechanics and great stories.

  13. Hi there!

    I have downloaded and played OFF on my desktop with perfect ease.
    However when I try to download it onto my laptop (which has XP instead of Windows 7), it opens OFF but suddenly decides it wants to freak out and 100 windows show up saying “Not Implemented”, eventually crashing the game.

    I’ve tried downloading RPG Maker XP and the older version suggested but that didn’t do anything either.

    Anyone got any ideas on how I could fix this?

  14. Huh. Checking back here for a download after an HDD failure might be a good thing for others.

    Anyway, the mediafire download’s kaput, and there’s a new version of the translation available.

    There’s two mirrors up on the forum post presently:

    Chances are by now any peeps with technical issues already stumbled their way on there, too. I hope so, at least.

  15. hello!
    i just installed the game and it seems to be a bug with the controls: the down arrow doesn´t works, anyone has a solution to that? even swapping keyboards doesn´t works…

  16. My computer claims (when I try to download the file) that it is filled with a virus :'(

  17. Oh my gosh, I have it downloaded, but what do I do after that? I downloaded all the fonts, as well. How do I start playing?

    • Copy the fonts into your Windows\Fonts folder. Run RPG_RT.exe in the NEW OFF TRANSLATION v 2.0 folder.

  18. How do you install font files?

    • You should be able to just double click them and the option comes up. If that doesn’t work, there should be a Fonts folder somewhere in the Windows/ folder I guess.

  19. All im worried about is if it does it contain a virus. Does it?

  20. Could you re-upload it? It was removed and i can no longer download it