Kumiho (Christina Antoinette Neofotistou/Fedor Jutte)

Arrow keys > movement
Z > fire weapons
X > teleport a short distance towards the direction you are pressing OR
if you’re not pressing any cursor keys, you’re given the choice of 4 directions to teleport to. It’s easier than it sounds. – [Author’s description]



  1. This looks really appealing, I am excited to play it. 🙂

  2. Game’s fantastic. Hard, too. Even the final boss is arbitrarily tough, you still having to dodge its bullets even after its death. I really felt the need for an a-winner-is-you screen.

  3. Fantastic, taxing and an all around wholesome discovery!

  4. This is REALLY good! Very, very fun to play. Pity it’s also very unpolished and short. 😥

  5. I really enjoyed it, although the final boss battle started to show some of the issues with the teleport mechanic, i.e. it was hard to memorize where you were going to end up. Maybe I beat it by having enough intuition about my teleport distance at the end.

    Really nice.

  6. Nice Game – i like it

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