Back to Bed (Team 1UP, DADIU)

Bob turns clockwise. The apple is a hat. – [In game text]

(via OwVideogames)

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  1. oh wow, this looks gorgeous!

  2. The carefully achieved perspective is beautiful until level 8, where it made me really difficult to visualize the exact location of a trunk.

    That said, it’s always a nice thing when a 3D game uses Escherian spaces to build simple puzzles in a visually stunning world.

    The narrator is funny.

    • Does it actually use the staircases/escher stuff to do anything that couldn’t be easily achieved without? I played/skipped through the first 5 or so levels and didn’t see anything – looked mainly like graphical fluff.

  3. This was a fun little game. Wish it were longer and got more challenging!