Vidiot Game (GZ Storm)

Vidiot Game is best described as “Halo” meets “Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing”[Author description]

[Download for windows]


  1. Enjoyed playing this a lot. I wonder if there’s a solution…

  2. FalafelCopter

    That was uh, certainly something.

    I get what it was trying to do, and I suppose it did it reasonably well. It reminded me of the more surreal moments in earthbound crossed with the demented ADD of the wario ware games. On the other hand, it lacked the structure that made those two games able to hold my attention for longer than the 10 minutes I played this game.

    I suppose that wasn’t the point though. The game doesn’t make clear what it’s trying to accomplish besides being strange and playing with some game design tropes a bit. It accomplishes those things, but I get the impression it might have been attempting more?

    On a side note, the controls in the minigames were suprisingly responsive. The falling one was particularly so, and I found it pretty satisfying.

    I give this game a rating of cucumber.

  3. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed a Earthbound-like appeal.

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  6. Ah the download link doesn’t work! I want this

    • Think they’ve been getting a lot of traffic. If the creator doesn’t, you can probably hassle @terrycavanagh to put a temporary copy up somewhere for people to download.

  7. The website is back up again. The bandwidth was exceeded because a lot of people have been accessing the site recently. It should work now.

  8. I think you should kill yourself dilbert

  9. Is Plano TX always an option, because I was really freaked out that the game knew where I lived.

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