stack::tracer() (nihilocrat)

stack::tracer() is a game about adding and removing “functions” to a stack to build a pathway to the exit(); of a program.[Author’s description]

[Play Online (Unity)]


  1. Super sweet concept. WAY TOO SHORT! Also encountered a bug on the last level where somehow I lost the s-shaped tile, leaving me in an unwinnable situation.

  2. I also got the bug with the s-shaped tile; it’s still possible to win by using a regular I-shaped tile and just going to the end and then walking off the right edge; you’ll fall onto the platform. But yes, the s-tile would give you a much neater solution, and I see no reason why you’d lose it.

    It *is* much too short. I was looking forward to a complex puzzling game; instead it ended just as I thought it was coming to the end of the tutorial. But, the only reason I was looking forward to playing more was because what was there was engaging and was an intriguing concept.

    Also, nice production values. Simple but elegant.

  3. It’s indeed quite short, because it was made for the Ludum Dare 48 hour compo. Unfortunately I ran out of time before being able to make more levels.

    Here is a version that has two (count ’em!) extra levels, plus a fix to the bug you found, and some other improvements: