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Our Tiny World (David R. Lorentz)

It’s supposed to be about struggling to form personal connections beyond the tiny little world one lives in.[Author’s description]

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Nook (PoV, Halfbot, Filippo Vicarelli)

You’re Nook, a magical lizard that can change from big to small and back again. Explore the warehouse and collect all the stars scattered throughout. [Author’s description]

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Expand Explore Expatiate (Kevin Zuhn)

Get to the goal in the upper left corner to win![Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]

Lililput (Incredible Ape)

You hvae crsah lnaded on the palnet Lililput, and are blokcing an alein siperhughway.[Author’s description]

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The Spaceman (Alec Stamos)

You play as an astronaut who’s crash-landed on a strange planet.[Author’s description]

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Lonely Hated Rock (Xion)

Collect the circles enemies and asteroids drop to gain resources, or press down to drill into your planet for resources. Drilling drains your planet’s health.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]

Crysthurl (Broxter)

A very simple platformer where the protagonist has to throw blocks/crates to smash a white hexagon, which is meant to represent a crystal.[Author’s description]

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Tiny Stomp (Farrokh)

How many can you get in one stomp?[Author’s description]

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Memento XII (Sebastien Benard)

Day 4380 of your prison term. 12 years. And many more to come.[Author’s description]

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Super Strict Farmer (Benjamin Soule)

You have 12 rounds to accumulate more victory points than your opponent. At the end of the game you receive victory points for extra cattles, sheeps, grain and food
– [Author’s description]

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