microrail (kirkjerk)

“microrail” is a tiny world of a not-super-innovative but solid and fun puzzles, where you make a rail line connecting the two endpoints and every station in between in a traingular – err, triangular — grid.[Author’s description]

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[Download for Linux]


  1. This is great. It has a bit the logic puzzle feel of a nonogram/slitherlink/handful-of-other-Japanese-puzzle-games where you can use light process-of-elimination logical reasoning to gradually move toward the solution.

    While having the first puzzle match the last was clever, I was surprised when it ended, expecting another layer outward. It turns out the lines that appear when you hover over each of the level-circles — which I was reading as potential links to a further expanded board — were in fact, I think, intended to represent the handle of a magnifying glass.

  2. Challenging game