Wither (Rastek)

Wither’s charm comes from the tiny, almost unnoticeable details that unsettle me.[From a review by Artful Gamer]

[Download for Windows]


  1. I like it very much, but I’m stuck!!! 🙁

  2. Didn’t take long to complete, but I enjoyed every minute! Has a few slightly disturbing moments but nothing too bad. Simple, fun, and a highly interesting mystery exploring game.

    PROTIP: Talk to everyone. They all have a part to play in this.

  3. Took me around 20 minutes to complete. Talk to everyone and take their hints, it becomes very simple then. Not sure what to make of the ending, but I enjoyed playing it.

  4. it’s a bit difficult in places to find where to go, but with some more wandering around, I eventually cleared it.

    On the Rock Paper Shotgun post about the game, the designer says that the gameboy look is supposed to echo the emotional deadness of the protagonist. I like that idea, but I didn’t quite feel like it worked – maybe if there was something that suggested he connected with the world through those kind of videogames, or a slightly different visual style altogether would communicate it better. Also the dialogue was pretty standard RPG, which I liked, but again doesn’t really mesh with the idea that the character being emotionally dead and not relating to the world (because many of the characters are pretty lively).

    I enjoyed talking to the people and collecting the flowers, but it still seemed pretty standard videogamey and only very loosely tied to the larger themes. So I guess I like the ideas more than the execution, and I felt like I didn’t get deep enough into the world of the main character to feel a whole lot at the end. Of course, there were several neat touches and I’d still recommend playing it!

  5. I really enjoyed it. I love the look of the game and the writing. It was really effective and the mood stuck with me long after I had finished. This is the kind of little gem that makes me want to make games.

    There were a few things that I’d change – the ‘flower get’ sound was far too triumphant and broke the eeriness. The character moved a little fast too, just a tad slower would have been nice, but these are tiny details. I’d love to know more about the ending though.

    Thanks Terry, great site, I’m lad to have better access to these great little games.

    Overall, a little gem. The

  6. Spoilers! Don’t read if you haven’t played.
    I’m missing one flower, please help me. I talked to EVERYBODY! I got these ones: forest, trunk, lady in hospital, hospital front desk, police officer, drawer in hotel room, fisherman, grave,
    library, post office, woman at home.
    I’m so stuck! 🙁

    • There are two in the forest – one on a dead body, and one by talking to someone by a pool in the forest. Can’t think of any others you might be missing!

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