Sword in Hand (Jeff Lait)

Thousands of years ago, in the midst of the Age of Heroes, a powerful magic sword was crafted. … Eventually, it, or should we say, you, gained self-awareness. As your powers awakened, you soon found you could easily overpower the will of any who wielded you.[Author’s Description]

[Download (windows, linux, source)]
[Mac port by MCC]


  1. looks neat. interesting spin on the typical ascii dungeon crawler. as usual my complaint is no mac version XD

  2. Cannot help but notice that alot of your entries seem to appear on RPS a few hours/days later. hummmmmmm

    • Actually, RPS beat me to this one 😆

      In any case, I’m totally cool with other blogs picking up games from this site. I wanna see games like the ones I’m posting getting shared with more people – that’s the reason I started this blog in the first place.

  3. I just wanna say I am loving the site terry. Great work.

  4. I did a quick mac port of this: https://vote.grumpybumpers.com/j/sword/1/sword_in_hand.zip

    Port source code: https://bitbucket.org/runhello/port_sword/overview

    (Note: I did not get permission to post these, I will of course take them down if Jeff would prefer I not redistribute.)

  5. Was starting up the week of the 7DRL coincidental? Will you be covering many more of the 63 ‘successful’ releases?