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Odeio Carros (Pedro Paiva, Bruno Ferreira)

I Hate Cars is a puzzle inspired by Tricky Kick, with the same mechanics but with the additive “worm-holes” like the ones in Pac-Man. It’s a short game, with five levels, and a rewarding ending.[Author’s description]

[Play online (HTML5)]

Johnny Got His Gun Quest (Folmer Kelly)

It’s basically a loose interpretation of the book presented as a classic point’n’click. There is a way to beat the game. – [Author Description]

WARNING: This game is somewhat disturbing.

[Play online (Flash)]

Snow (Bento Smile)

You can only open one door. You must choose which to open. – [In game text]

[Download for Windows]
[Download for Mac]
[Download for Linux]

Prizeturret (Leon Arnott)

Dig into the well by shooting missiles upward to fall down onto the blocks. But you must make sure you don’t shoot yourself! Landing on each colour of block causes you to shoot a different array of bullets – some more fearsome than others.[Author description]

[Download for Windows]
[Download for Mac]


jump as mr zuper hero dude, stop em aliens, bring their ships down destroy dem walkers[Author’s description]

[Download for windows]

And Then There Were None (SaintHeiser)

I made this game for Russan competition. But only games with russian language can participate. So I made new international version special for foreign nationals.

This game is about a man, who follows the mysterious voice from the radio.[Author’s Description]

[Download for windows]

Traitor (Jonas Kyratzes)

Traitor puts you into the shoes of a soldier of the Augustan Hegemony, forced to rise up against your former masters after you’re ordered to do something you simply cannot accept. Explore the Aventinus Complex, complete missions, upgrade your ship and gather allies until you can overthrow the tyrants who have brought such misery to the people. – [Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]

Drill Killer (thecatamites)

Discover the secret of the Drill Killer. . . . . . as well as his Curse.[Author’s Description]

[Download for windows]

Sword in Hand (Jeff Lait)

Thousands of years ago, in the midst of the Age of Heroes, a powerful magic sword was crafted. … Eventually, it, or should we say, you, gained self-awareness. As your powers awakened, you soon found you could easily overpower the will of any who wielded you.[Author’s Description]

[Download (windows, linux, source)]
[Mac port by MCC]

All Against One (Leon Arnott)

The young Claude, King of the Sky, is ready to marry. A tournament is declared. He will pick his new queen among those few who can best him in sky combat! Rulers from all over the world are gathering. Who shall surpass his challenge?[Author’s Description]

[Play Online (HTML5)]
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