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Craequ (Jonathan Whiting)

Washed up on glistening angular sand; the shore shifts away from you… A puzzle game. Arrow keys control.[Author’s description]

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Pandora’s Box (Terrorbull Games)

Pandora’s Box is a nightmarish text-based adventure game, with the adventure being your own mind.[Author’s description]

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Rush Hour Plus (Christopher J Rock, Bryson Whiteman)

Rush Hour was made for everybody who’s too busy doing work they hate to do the work they love. You’re not alone. – [Author’s description]

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UN / VERSE (Ian Snyder)

When points get close enough to each other (within a certain radius), they bounce off and draw a line between each other. This generates the tone.[Author’s description]

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The Zombie Game (Sophie Houlden)

make sure to spread them around so everyone can play![Author’s tweet]

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I Wanna Be the Weegee (Trigger014)

I’ve been watching a lot of casts of people playing Weegee (and some other fangames) recently, and it has made me reevaluate my way of thinking about these kinds of games. When I first started making IWBTW back in May 2009 the sole focus was to make a hard game. Anyone that has seen IWBTW v0.1 knows what the results of such a narrow minded endeavour were. […]

A few months later however I grew frustrated […] As a result, the first remake was started. […] This time I had different goals in mind. I didn’t just want to make a hard game. It needed to be more than another torture test. Weegee needed to be fun.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]

Nintendo World 2 (Animetro Studios)

Nintendo World was destroyed… Everything is lost… Sniff… sniff… They died… They are all dead… – [In game text]

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Umbrella Trip (Evan Jones)

Armed with only an umbrella and an extraordinarily light body, can you navigate 15 rooms of increasingly challenging obstacles?[Author Description]

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Solitary Sand (Cross)

Here’s my first Ludum Dare entry and my first completed flash game.

I recommend a half decent set of stereo headphones or a surround sound setup. [Author Description]

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Bind Her (Leon Arnott)

This is a game based on the idea of “Qix as bondage”. Separate the torso, busy hands and frisky feet of this woman (whose name I just decided is Demi) by drawing ropes between the bed’s bars. If her hands or feet hit a rope before you’ve finished placing it, you’ll lose it! Be nimble.[Author’s Description]

WARNING: Not safe for work.

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