Odeio Carros (Pedro Paiva, Bruno Ferreira)

I Hate Cars is a puzzle inspired by Tricky Kick, with the same mechanics but with the additive “worm-holes” like the ones in Pac-Man. It’s a short game, with five levels, and a rewarding ending.[Author’s description]

[Play online (HTML5)]


  1. Thanks, Terry =)

    Controls: Z to kick, R to reset (it is important), arrow keys to move, Z or Enter to skip title.

  2. If you kick same-colored cars into each other (they must be at least one block apart), they explode. The goal is to clear the level of cars.

    Unless it’s part of authorial intent to have the player have to figure out the controls and rules by him/herself, the game would really benefit from having those stated somewhere.

  3. This was very frustrating not being told the rules.

    • I can’t relate to that at all. πŸ˜• Nothing’s more frustrating to me in a puzzle game than being told what to do!

      • I agree with Terry, but think a line simply stating “arrows, Z key” would be an improvement. There’s nothing interesting about trying out keys until you find one that does something (though it’s almost always interesting to subsequently figure out what that key specifically does and how to use it well).

  4. The keys are listed and described in the original source, though (click on Author’s Description). Terry just didn’t copy it to his post here.

  5. This game was ported to PC and supports now fullscreen, joypad and a “in game” map editor