Leave Me Alone (David R. Lorentz)

This game is called Leave Me Alone. It’s about those sad times when life feels overwhelming..[Author description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. Never saw squares and dots this way. Beautiful game!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Fun concept.

  3. Oh my god, this game is so elegant. And satisfyingly tricky.

    I especially love the way timers are built out of the already existing bullet-vocabulary, and I especially like the screens that require simultaneous destruction of the frond-like shooters. This is the sort of game that makes you feel it’s amazing it didn’t already exist. And it keeps getting more and more beautiful, all from the geometric interactions.

    (Oh, and thanks for posting my game earlier today!)

  4. Dang, this is tough. Quite good though–enough so to keep me hammering away at it until #21, where I had to stop for my sanity’s sake.

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