Game Title: Lost Levels (Michael Brough)

This is a sort of sequel to Game Title, inspired a bug that came up.[from author’s post on glorious trainwrecks]

You should play Game Title first.

[Download for Windows and Mac on Glorious Trainwrecks]


  1. I first played the original Game Title and liked it. Then I played the Lost Levels and I was blown away. This is some of best level design I have ever seen in a game. The creator of this game is brilliant!

  2. Wow, downloaded this back when you first posted it but just got around to it today. I am in complete agreement with SuperFaex–amazing design with really deviously polished puzzles, the likes of which we rarely see in free short-form indie games. Great stuff.

  3. this really is amazing.

  4. Fun Fact: If you have a strong enough astigmatism and are wearing glasses, the title picture has a sweet 3d effect with the monster in the foreground and all the blue stuff in back.

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