Fuel (Tametick)

You are a space miner and your singleship has burnt out the monopoles that power its engine (also the resource you mine for). You land on a large asteroid to look for more monopoles, finding a likely looking crater you start your decent. You need to find 5 monopoles to refuel your ship.[Author’s description on Roguebasin]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. Wow, you’re quick! I think you posted this mere minutes after I uploaded the flash version…

  2. Terry, i have a question. You only will make posts about indie-non copyrighted games or you will post Fangames too here??

  3. Grr. I have ctrl+arrow keys bound to switch desktops on my computer 🙁

  4. these are some very strange controls (especially the firing ones) and i really would have liked it not going back to the title screen each time you die (though i know it’s cool parallax and all). once i got used to everything, it was pretty fun. but it still feels too difficult, and dependent on the luck of where the random generation puts you.

    but with some control changes and gameplay balancing, this could be pretty great.