Epic Sax Game (Pippin Barr)

Daaaah! Dah dahdah dahdah-dah! Dah dahdah dahdah-dah! Daaaaaahdah daaaaaadah dah dah dah dah dah![Author Description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. This is an awesome concept. I can’t help but be frustrated by the amount of lag when I’m trying to play quick notes though; they barely register. Might just be my keyboard.

    • Sorry! It’s one of those Flash + MP3s things to do with encoder/decoder delay that I simply wasn’t smart enough to fix up. I tried for a while and then figured it worked well enough to still get the idea across.

      • You might get a slightly better response time if you looked into using flash SampleDataEvent to play your sound.

        Just a thought!

      • It’s a shame! It seems like you put so much effort into everything else. Nonetheless, I came pretty close to mastering the lag… even managed an A in the studio, but I have a feeling the final task will stay forever incomplete.

        Frankly, your game has convinced me I can learn to play this tune on some instrument or another. I will become the Epix Sax Guy, you’ll see!

  2. This is so fucking good. I had the lag thing too, but that kind of made it better in an odd way. Have to play some more now, youtube immortality awaits….

  3. Unfortunately, it’s not just your keyboard, but it’s still pretty brilliant.

    As a side note, I think the notes here might be the same as those available to play with in Aquaria. (I might be misremembering: minor scale for five notes and then a bonus 9th/2nd?)

  4. This is brilliant 😉

  5. I’d love to play this! But way too high latency…

  6. Well shit. There goes the evening.

  7. 10 hours? challenge accepted 😎

  8. i don’t really like rhythm games but i loved the jam session and eurovision modes!

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  10. This game is great fun.

  11. AWESOME game. I love the simplicity and the AWESOME tune playing in my nightmares.

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