Dys4ia (Auntie Pixelante)

“dys4ia is the story of the last six months of my life: when i made the decision to start hormone replacement therapy and began taking estrogen. i wanted to catalog all the frustrations of the experience and maybe create an “it gets better” for other trans women.” – [Author’s blog post]

[Play on Newgrounds]


  1. So, I did not love dys4ia. The story was personal and emotional but, for me, the mini games didn’t fit.

    I can see how they could have made me feel the story more deeply and put myself into the text more profoundly. But in practice it felt more like I was playing a visual pun rather than sharing an episode of the author’s life.

  2. Beautiful! I agree that a few of the mini-games weren’t a great fit. Some were a bit heavy-handed (flying through hoops especially), but overall it had an impact on me. I also appreciate the author’s brevity.

    Probably the most well done emotional indie game I’ve played. Very nice!

  3. I like this game so much that I did the music for it! 😛

    I do have a criticism, though. I hope anna doesn’t kill me for saying this, but coming from a similar place she is, I feel that the game might’ve been even stronger without the descriptive text to each minigame. The text does make the events easier to understand, but I feel like the experience would’ve been deepened and the connection between the minigames and the actual experience of transitioning would have made more sense. That’s just another translady’s take, though, and it’s wonderful to have the privilege to be a part of a game that has seemed to move and empower a whole lot of people!

  4. Is she a lesbian? ❓

  5. As someone who is a total stranger to the experience being described in Dys4ia, I thought the descriptive text was not only instrumental in communicating that experience, but was also beautiful and made me cry. 😥

  6. i couldn’t play the game, it made me cry :C