Da série do VHS maluco (Pedro Paiva)

Five short arcade games by Pedro Paiva: (all HTML5 games, playable online)

[Download offline version for Windows]

[Voodoo Cyborg do Futuro Parte II]
[Mel Gibson The Hedgehog se Veste de Negro]
[Terror Suburbano no País das Maravilhas]
[As Aventuras de Bruce Le na Terra da Magia]
[Baile de Formatura Cibernético dos Brinquedos]


  1. these rule. i love having to figure out what to do in “broken” games.

  2. These are fantastic.

    Of these Mel Gibson the Hedgehog seems to succeed the most as a “game”, in terms of having a challenging, interesting gameplay mechanic that I actually want to continue playing until I succeed at it. I wonder if anything happens if you “win” (in the sense of covering the board?) I wonder if this is even realistically possible?

  3. Was sent on a trip and back within a matter of seconds. Fun to figure out what the hell to do in it haha.

  4. How postmodernistic…or wtf is this shit?