Tox (Daan van Yperen, Flaterectomy)


Was it you or him that put the needle to your arm? It doesn’t matter. He is your jailer, and he has to die! – [Author’s description]

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  1. Can’t even get past the 20th floor, except once. WAY too many high-level enemies, not enough healthy, too random.

    There’s almost no way to apply strategy here. Pass.

  2. Anon it’s not so hard if you try to stick to weaker enemies at first and plan your route along health syringes

  3. There are tactics involved but since this was a 7 day Roguelike jam game it doesn’t hold hands. 😉

    A good way to get started is fighting the weaker guys first. Try to learn the sweetspot for using drugs, don’t just take it whenever you can. Too much too early and you might not be able to clear the whole level. Items are really valuable, they alter the gameplay in subtle ways. Be smart about the order you pick them up, and try to figure out what the specials do.

    It’s a brutal game, but the scenarios aren’t totally random, they just appear that way. There’s always a path of victory.

  4. It becomes clear early on that there is no attempt by the game to insure a safe path. I got to level 18 and died when I was stuck in a corner with 2 deadly paths my only options.