The 2nd Amendment (Ramiro Corbetta, Jane Friedhoff, K Anthony Marefat)

Dear David Cage: this is how true emotion in games is done.[Author’s description]

[Play online (Unity)]


  1. now that’s a great ending

  2. This is great, and even better once you actually take enough care to read its admittedly dead-simple on-screen instructions and stop laboriously trying to type “OPEN CHEST”.

    (I could swear there’s some cheating on the player’s behalf once you’re on track to spell out a specified word? If so, it’s nice and subtle.)

  3. I play all my favorite text adventures by candlelight.

  4. That screencap still makes me smile every time I scroll down the site.

  5. Oh my god. That was… The right to bear arms. Har har har.

  6. that ending I was like “where is this going…oh!”