Sorry About Forever (Devon Baumgarten)


if you fail, you can never play again. Ever.

Use arrow keys to run(left & right) and jump (up). [Author’s description]

[Play Online]


  1. I love this game’s name. I want to make a series of apology games.

    (But I guess I should mention that something about my browser setup broke its “you can never play again” implementation. I played once, missed the second jump, reloaded to see how it reacts, and played again for a perfect score. Maybe my plugins/addons — I’m using Chrome — are messing up the ‘browser fingerprinting’?)

  2. Oh boy, lalanl, this is great! For LD28 I tried to make a game with a similar concept, called “Heart”. It is a Zelda-like in which, to play, you need other players to volunteer not to play, on your behalf. I used twitter authentication to ensure identity, but in the future I will be sure to investigate this “fingerprint” plugin for additional security. I was able to overcome it once, by using a different browser, and then tried fiddling with my settings to get a third play… but to no avail! It is really neat!

    I will probably have more to say later, but now I must run!