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yunbo (

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あそびかた[Author’s description]

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Voice of God (tommakesgames)

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IF with it[Author’s description]

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I am not guilty! (holgk)

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I didn’t was able to put all my ideas in. [Author’s description]

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Backstabber (Exoticorn)

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[…] he would press ‘x’ togive a friendly stab[Author’s description]

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PUSH (Yotam Frid, Mati Ernst, Itamar Ernst, Jason Lord)

you can only push one rock[Author’s description]

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GAMEHAX (Guilherme S. Töws, KenneyNL)

arrows move and jump [Author’s description]

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Princess Kingdom (Nicolas Cannasse)

The Hero has been kidnapped by the Evil, and the Princess has to do all the work to restore the Kingdom and save him.[Author’s description]

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The 2nd Amendment (Ramiro Corbetta, Jane Friedhoff, K Anthony Marefat)

Dear David Cage: this is how true emotion in games is done.[Author’s description]

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Dragon Child (fractoluminous)

Twine story/game about choices, legends, relationships and loss.[Author’s description]

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Weird Egg & Crushing Finger (Mason Lindroth)

weirdeggandcrusherControl with mouse. Press to crush things. Hold mouse down to push things.

Collect souls (the round glowing things) by pushing the sorcerers (identifiable by their blue robes) into them.
When you collect 13 souls the humanoids will do a dance. (This is the de-facto victory condition) – [Author’s description]

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