Last Word (Alex Taylor)


Arrow keys to move, up or z to jump, number keys to speak. – [Author’s description]

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  1. I couldn’t get past the sleeping dude.

  2. Keeping talking at the same time another dude to learn the second “word”

  3. I have no idea with the last door.

    ( I don’t know how to do the spoiler tag so I put what I tried below

    you can use the fire word on those dish looking things. They are braziers or something and symbols appear on the posts, corresponding to the words. Presumably this is the code for the final door but I have no idea how.
    Tried sequentially in descending order (don’t think I tried ascending though?) and some other things like trying each post as a X is before Y logic puzzle thing.
    Yeah mystery dooorrr

    • Hint for that is that (SPOILER) the pillars indicate placing X at the spot for Y.

      • Having bypassed that last door…
        ((SPOILERS AHEAD))
        I got to a screen that announced the end after defeating the

        Spoiler Inside SelectShow

        , but, there was still a closed door (to the right of the tall drop) that I never opened.

        Anyone manage to see what was over there?