Into the Underdusk (almightyzentaco)


I live alone in a world that has ended. Nothing is born here, neither does anything die…[In game text]

[Download for Windows]


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  2. Chase sequences are not the time to stop adding checkpoints.

    • Yeah, I liked this game lots, but that bloody mask almost ruined it for me!

    • oh, there are checkpoints, it’s just that the first four screens are the hardest.

      • Yeah, that sequence was really brutal.

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  3. Oh no, it seems to save trinkets collected but not switches thrown and powerups collected(?) when quitting and later resuming?

  4. This was great! It’s good to see such a large game from almightyzentaco, I hope there will be more to come… I have fond memories of his Knytt Stories level, Dark Sky of Wish Mountain.

    The player sprite reminds me of the one from my own abandoned metroidvania, which makes me happy (I have no doubt it’s coincidental, though).