Dungeons and Parties (Intergames)

You think it’s important their own business than the life of our adventurers, it’s gonna be bastard. – [Author’s description]

[Play online (HTML5)]


  1. Fun game. It is a good job.

    • You can use the mouse for everything. It’s not just watching the party members fight, you can click on them to use their special abilities.

      There’s actually quite a bit to this game, it’s deceptive.

    • I would also like to know how to touch start; tried everything I could think of at the title screen to no avail.

  2. i don’t want to be scrap bastard :(

  3. It’s cute, but I definitely think I’ll wait to play more until it’s fully translated. :)

  4. There’s a random skill that lets you analyze enemies (the logo looks kinda like a monocle), that shows that baddies have the same character sheets as your adventurers. You can even read descriptions for any skills they have. The battles are essentially the computer fighting against itself, with the only difference being that your side doesn’t use skills unless you tell them to.

    Folks interested in this game should definitely click the Web Help button in the upper right. It opens a tab to a manual that’s entirely in Japanese, but is translatable (unlike the in-game text). There’s a list of all the status effects and what they do, and definitions of stats. “Salience” determines the likelihood of a creature being attacked (it’s an aggro mechanic, in other words). “Command” helps you apply negative status effects. And so on.

    Also: use your browser to zoom in. It looks way better.

  5. Classes that are unlocked through specific dungeons:
    Explorer: comes with loupe, the “scan” ability, and has some trap/unlock ability, makes camps show up more often.
    Lord: fighter with some morale buffs/debuffs.
    Paladin: heals and a spear to hit an enemy and the one behind it.
    Sage: A mage with different spells.
    Ninja: low hp high evade, double attacks, may assassinate at start of battle.
    Princess: heals, buffs, and may cause a lightning AE on attack.
    Samurai: hard hitters, may use Iai at start of battle to hit a row of enemies.
    Shaman: caster with ONLY damaging spells centered around summoning the elements. Some of them also buff the shaman at the same time.
    Absorber: absorbs skills from enemies, keeps them permanently. You can manage his skillset in the collection screen.
    Bard: Has songs for buffs/debuffs, basic attack hits all enemies at once.
    Faceless: Similar to absorber, polymorphs into an enemy and keeps that polymorph option permanently. You may manage the polymorphs in collections screen.
    Gunner: Very similar to the ranger, in that auto attack can hit behind front row enemies.