Fish so sage (Simatten)

魚肉神から3つの魚肉魔法を授かったギョニ君は、この力で突然変異体を魚肉ソーセージに変えていきます。[Author's description]

[Play online (Flash)]

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  1. ‘As Marlin you must go and turn mutants into fish sausage by using the 3 meaty spells granted to you by the chum god.’

    I translated the boy’s name as Marlin from the original ‘Gyoni’ which is used to form a (dire) pun. It was a bit of a challenge to keep the overall fishiness intact…

  2. I totally played this game, thought it was ok, but like I really want to ask, how much freaking traffic is nerdcubed sending your way? It feels like the recent comments feed has been completely clogged up with timeframe for a while. How does his traffic compare to an average day?

    I’m a little surprised at his comparative reach with the gaming community… I don’t know why, it should be obvious :???:

    • I don’t have the first clue. I know I don’t track our traffic, not sure if anyone does. There’s one game on here with hundreds (!) of comments and I’m pretty sure it’s all because of nerdcubed.

      I uh… I don’t even know what a nerdcubed is.

    • Even more curious is the change in commenting style from earlier traffic he’s sent this way.

      I wonder if Timeframe’s quietness just made for a different subset of his audience coming by — or if he might have explicitly said something in that more recent video about other sites not necessarily appreciating the youtube-style noise comments?

  3. it’s a lot of traffic, actually

  4. This is NerdCubed:

    He’s a youtube user who uploads gaming videos, and has episodes called “NerdCubed’s Three Free Games Friday” which he introduces us to some games that he finds entertaining. Your game was featured on there, which is where I have arrived from. :)


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