Apathy (Zacqary Adam Green)

a videogame political satire[Author’s description]

[Play online (HTML5)]


  1. Ha, yes, I get it, nothing you do actually matters. \o/

    • I more got that what you do has an immense and direct impact on things, but to keep active and fight for a just democracy is difficult, time consuming, and daunting.

  2. @Newfur: according to the Artist’s Statement, that’s not quite true. What you do does have an effect on game-state – it’s just that it’s deliberately hidden through lagging indicators, unpredictable changes and the lack of a direct connection between player and result.

  3. Clearly it matters, but as I know from the emails I get, no matter how many times we succeed, there is always going to be another bill. And nobody is going to ask my opinion. I would have to seek them out and make myself heard, instead of doing things like playing this game…

  4. 😛 nice game my friend 😀