The Rogue Less Traveled: Legend of the Rand(3,7) Gems (Steve A, Matthew R. F. Balousek, Regina Mako)

The game is different each time you play[Author's description]

[Play Online]

  1. are you sure this is a twine game? it has… replay value.

  2. The art is what drew me in, but the prose is just as vivid. The authors manage to pepper the game with knowing humor without puncturing the over-all atmosphere of surreal mystery — no mean feat.

    I won’t be beating this one quickly, since I keep getting tempted by all the sign-posted deaths.

  3. Lovely game! The graphics have a great, consistent aesthetic. I like how so many feel like they’re closing in on you.

    I’m not sure exactly what’s going on on the inside of this game, but it’s quite interesting always having something new come up when I restart.

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