Taquito Tower (Magdev)

Hold Up and Down to move forwards and backwards
Press Left and Right to turn
Hold Z to eat a burrito if you have one
Hold X to defend
Hold C to attack
[Author's Description]

(via @ellaguro)

[Play online (Unity)]
[Download for Windows]
[Download for Linux]

  1. I can’t seem to figure them out.

  2. sooo good. i could really go for some t bell right now

  3. Found this frustrating until I read the instructions, knowing that every move is enacted at each exact second is important.

    This game is an absolute blast to run through, very humourous and enjoyable.

  4. This is really nice. Art reminds me a bit of Lilith.

  5. Cool game, it has Doom-like 3D physics (Im sorry i dont know how to spell some words so please dont judge my ortography), and i like the rushing thru all the floors in 10 seconds searching for burritos (T-Bell APROVES!) xD

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