PROBE TEAM (Andrew Shouldice)

This game uses the arrow keys.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Unity)]


  1. The shaders on this are PURE SEX

  2. This is so good. I love the way it makes exploration feel tense despite presumably allowing for unlimited attempts. And the reward after all that careful, efficient exploration is perfect.

  3. also this is so cute I could die

  4. I don’t like restarting every 10 seconds. Maybe just because it takes too long to happen? I don’t know, but it’s annoying. I agree it has good style and sounds, though.

  5. Yeah, this is just great. Very claustrophobic and tense. It looks great, too. I, too, wish you had a bit more than 10 seconds for each unit (blame the theme).

  6. If the distances were scaled down to just 90% of what they currently are, maybe I wouldn’t feel like I’m pixel-hunting. It’s just on the wrong side of the line between challenging and fuckin’ irritating.

    • (Though I’ll concede that the ending is entirely adorable and apropos. Doesn’t make up for the gameplay before that, though.)

      • You can move around with short bursts of fuel, that is much more efficient than just full throttling your way. You can reach all of the goals fairly easily that way.

        • I found that out fairly early and still felt like I was pixel-hunting. The only thing about my criticism I’d amend is that even scaling it down to 95% of its current size would solve the problem, that’s how close it is to not being annoying.

  7. What amazed me of this is the enormous gap between the more traditional 10 seconds of time versus this game’s 10 seconds of fuel.

    It’s so easy to interpret that probes have a 10 second battery so you should hurry to make the most of a turn, but played that way you’ll deplete your fuel instantly and the game will become irritating FAST.

    There’s a point early on the explorin’ when you realize you aren’t supposed to keep the arrow keys pressed at all times, but rather stop often and let inertia do most of the work for you.

    The game suddenly becomes much more enjoyable and you realize this is a 10 second game where you can actually stop to contemplate your options whenever you want without anyone hurrying you.

  8. Reminds me a lot of Capsule. Great art; possibly hampered by the theme.

  9. Thanks for playing, everyone! : )

  10. This was fantastic!

  11. This was awesome. Once I felt like I figured it out and should move on you managed to captivate me with little surprises until the very end, which was just great!

    Mood and graphics were top notch too!

  12. i did it in 16 on the first time what is the fastest possible ❓

  13. it was very cool and well made but i got stuck after the best part and did not really get to finalize my exploration of the game