Lake of Roaches (thecatamites)

Very short and awful thing done for the 7-day Fishing Jam[Author’s Description]

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  1. Great character design.

  2. Awful! Egregious! Bad! No good! Watch out! Danger!

  3. I think this entry shows real promise! Their chemistry deeply intrigues me- It’s as if the “Mario Bros.” took on the comedy routines of “Abbott and Costello”! But what is their relation? How did they arrive at this place? Is this Hell? Am I relevant? This could all be explored over the course of many sequels and spin-offs. Can you say “money”? Can I say “money”? Should I say anything? I think the only thing that’s clear is that this is the #1 new IP of 2013! Can’t wait to read the novelization.

  4. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Robin Mendoza


  6. I think I just roached my pants!

  7. So. That was a trip.

  8. okay, so I think one of my favourite things in this might be the lift:

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  9. Two Endings.

  10. Beautifully grating; like a haiku version of “Norrland”.