HUGPUNX (merritt kopas)


a fluoro-pink queer urban hugging simulator

arrow keys to move, z to hug[Author’s description]

[Play Online]


  1. I’m really fond of the idea of making a game that’s simply a cuddly version of another game. And the concept of “hug punks” has stuck in my mind since its announcement…

  2. Pretty much excellent. Though I got kinda disappointed when the soundtrack wasn’t “walking down the street I get hugged.”

  3. Delightful game! I really like how when you start hugging somebody, if another person pops up wanting hugs next to you they get hugged as well. Group hugs!!

  4. This game stresses me out… why is hugging solely my responsibility… I only have so much love to give…

    • Why do I need to wait for other people to ask before I can hug them?

      A memory of unspeakable melancholy: at times I have wandered for many seconds without giving a single hug.

      • Consent, Jack. You gotta have consent. Can’t just go around hugging people who don’t wanna be hugged.

  5. Becomes kinda really beautiful by the end doesn’t it?

  6. This game would probably also benefit from the cats tag, unless that constitutes a spoiler.

  7. This is a parody of Punk’s Not Dead, right?