You Must Escape (GertJohnny)

complete darkness[Author’s description]

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  1. This is clever, but frustratingly lacking in feedback for silent movement — I wish they had some indication of touching walls, at least.

    • It might break the purity of the every-sound-you-hear-is-represented-on-screen structure, but an easy solution that would let the player know when they’re stalled against a wall without also letting them hug walls while moving silently and reveal their location would be to just play a sound. Or — without breaking the purity at all, have the edges of the screen glow to indicate physical contact with something (unsure if that would be best as a uniform glow or with each edge of the screen representing touch in that direction).

      But, yeah, as-is that the player is both blind and lacks a sense of touch feels like one frustration too far for those later levels. (I stopped after three or so of them.)

  2. Somemountainman

    I LOVED this game very cool vibe awesome look to the “sound” waves and it even had a lot of the elements I am looking to put into a game I have been planning on making. Last level was great I had been waiting for the game to force me to embrace the blindness aspect completely. Honestly I would have “highly recommended” this game!