Planet Punch (Matt Thorson, Alec Holowka)

You’re a hot star with a hot temper, and you’re tired of living a life of leisure. -[Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. Fast! Funny! Frantic! Impressive tech too, with some pretty sophisticated effects running amazingly fluidly. Might get repetitive, just a few stages in and I’ll don’t know if I’ll return to it, but clearly another winner in Adult Swim’s catalog.

  2. This was a good laugh, but let down by the cpu crippling graphics at the end of each level and endless loading screens. I quit after my computer froze for the 10th time for ages, after which I was rewarded with another loading screen.

    • Yeah, I was really surprised I was getting slowdown on my rig. My rig that runs Skyrim with max settings over 60fps. :S

      • I played without too much trouble on an athlon x2 245, with integrated graphics(i presume this is irrelevant as it’s probably all pre-rendered), this machine would cry if you showed it skyrim, it just happened to be a thoroughly uninteresting little game so i gave up, loading wasn’t particularly slow either, aside from the initial progress bar.

  3. Tight design. Good graphics, music. Although expected more from these guys.