I See You (CatOverlord)


Inspired by I’m Scared

This is my first time ever actually completeing a game so I hope you enjoy it![Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]



  2. Awesomely scary.
    Did a commentary :mrgreen:

  3. Why did I play this right before I need to go to bed?

  4. Lots of good things to be said about this one. It does take after I’m Scared, and I personally didn’t find it as scary. Probably because I’m Scared’s successes were in its surprise, just plain not knowing what it was going to do next – and I See You’s scares relied on the same tricks.

    However, it did have its own ideas (Subliminals!) and the horror scene has gained its current level of awesome by building on each predecessor achievements; Amnesia introduced vulnerability, and renewed faith and interest in the genre, Slender showed that short form and free could reach millions, and I’m Scared destroyed the fourth wall. Hopefully I See You has set up the groundwork for more subliminals in the genre because when they worked, they were terrifying. And when they didn’t, they simply made me curious, drawing me forward.

  5. Before I played this, I felt dismissive of it because it wore its influences on its sleeve. But the developer has made a great game that stands on its own. This is how you start building a legitimate subgenre–not clones but games that add to the conversation that the first developer started.

  6. Really scary. Those rooms with the doors soaked in blood really freaked me.

  7. Wait, why does this game break upon completing?