Dining Table (Leon Arnott)

It’s about a simulated date, I guess……[Author’s description]

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  1. This reminds me of Carol Emshwiller. It made me a little sick to think of loving someone who is bad to you.

  2. This really pulled me in. I wish this was longer, even if that’s unnecessary.

  3. Wow. Great story, and somewhat terrifying. Also, Leon really knows how to make a good looking Twine game! Interesting: several of his games deal with vast size discrepancies.

  4. This was pretty good. I’d love to see it elongated into an interactive novel!

  5. Absolutely brilliant.
    Reminded me of the Barbie story from A. M. Homes “The Safety of Objects”.

  6. I’m getting several “macro not found” in red background and cannot proceed past the second page. Anything I can do about that?

  7. I’m using Explorer (for unfortunate reasons). No popup alert message. I’ll try with Chrome : )

  8. It worked in Chrome! A wonderfully surreal premise that takes some fascinating turns further on.