Copy Kitty 1.2 (Azure Lazuline, Raibys)

You can hold up to 3 weapons at a time, and you can combine all your current weapons into one mega-weapon with the properties of all three![Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]
(via invaderace)


  1. This is an incredibly fun game and I’m real happy to see it on here.

  2. Very cool game. All the weapons and combined shots are fun to try out. I’m also a fan of the Xbox 360 controller support.

  3. Thank you! I always do occasional searches for this stuff so I can find things like this. The blog for the game (with update posts and new release downloads) is, since that wasn’t actually linked in the description, and that posted download link won’t work once another version is released. If you like the game, then there’s an official chat room too, so come talk to me and Raibys and everyone else!