A SURVIVOR IS #REBORN (micha cárdenas)


A SURVIVOR IS #REBORN is a meditation on violence and transformative justice, a transgender incest survivor’s response to the new Tomb Raider. - [Author's description]

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  1. I really sympathize with the argument at the heart of this: that the spark of an imagination of escape can be found within a work such as Tomb Raider, but remains buried within an engineered product with other priorities on its mind. That it is not enough. I played TR, felt some proper exhilaration at the violent payback, but never stopped being nagged by its contradictions. It is a confused piece of work despite its strengths, and I feel like even its most powerful assessments (http://hellmode.com/2013/03/21/this-isnt-the-article-i-wanted-to-write-about-tomb-raider/) might have given it just a bit too much credit.

    This was strong, both as critical perspective and personal chronicle. Wishing Micha the best in her search for inner peace.

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