Under the Moon (MNWS)

This is a small game I did in five days or so, I wanted to try and tell a story that didn’t rely on text or words.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. cloakydude’s canon becomes increasingly more tangled

  2. The music is phenomenal. I didn’t know 8bit tracks could sound like a haunted church organ. It creates the perfect atmosphere for this game.

  3. This is good (and, for what it’s worth, much easier than his previous games).

    I wonder if there’s something inherently satisfying about a game structure that switches up halfway through. (And I hope naming this as a thing isn’t enough to turn it into a cliche. It seems like a really fruitful design strategy!)

    • Too late, you just made it happen. Tomorrow we’ll be hearing things like “when implemented, the gameplay turned out to be much more boring than we expected. But we’re confident a little halfway-switching will make it work. GAME DESIGN!”

    • I didn’t feel it in NONDEVICER and still don’t feel it. You need more points of comparison!

      • Actually I did enjoy the puzzle-switch in Corrypt for instance, but that was a case where the change built on what existed (both scenery and gameplay) instead of creating what amounts to a different game entirely.

        • That’s definitely a fair distinction. But I wonder where you’d then place something like “Don’t Look Back”? (I also wonder if you’d not mind NONDEVICER’s less grounded midpoint shift if the open-world half felt more directed/intentionally-structured?)

  4. I would Highly Recommend this game.

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  5. Great game. Notice that it uses the sprites from NONDEVICER?